The writer as a pushmi-pullyu

I’m in a pushmi-pullyu state. Do you know the pushmi-pullyu of the Dr Doolittle books by Hugh Lofting? It is the front half of a gazelle joined to the front half of a unicorn, so you’re never sure which way it wants to go.
One half of me is in a creative flurry. I’ve sent the Third Tale of Fontania to my publisher, Gecko Press. Though it is ‘finished’ it will need to be edited so it isn’t completely off my mind or desk yet. I’ve also pounded out a goodly chunk of a new children’s novel, feeling excited about the adventures and discoveries to come over the next few months while I work on it at my new standing desk (which I love to bits).
The other half is me is being public. My favourite sister is coming to stay, and she and my other favourite sister will spend a week catching up and having fun. (BTW I only have two sisters.) I’m also speaking at the Kokomai Festival tomorrow, then in just over a week have another talk to give up in Kapiti Village. I’ve also just done couple of book signings in New York (don’t it sound grand!) so I’m being much more out there than usual.
Question: which is the gazelle part, which is the unicorn? I can only say they’re both pretty excited in their own ways.

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