Exciting times in and around Fontania

The Queen and the Nobody Boy has been shortlisted for the 2013 Esther Glen Medal, LIANZA Awards.  The Travelling Restaurant won the medal last year, and it’s too much to expect another win. But I feel it’s amazing for a second in a series to be given this boost.  I’m thanking my lucky stars and lucky planets.

I’m also excited at the number of school visits lined up. Nothing beats seeing how well (or not) children respond to readings from the books.  I’m doing a total of three visits in Wellington before the NZ Post Awards announcement on 24 June, and six from Christchurch, Ashburton and Oamaru to Dunedin.  That will mean  a lot of talking for someone who often talks mainly in her head each day to her characters.

Third exciting thing? The next Tale of Fontania is at a stage where it will help to read a draft aloud. This will very definitely not be to any audience yet but it’s a good sign.

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