Off on its own

This week, the Third Tale of Fontania, The Volume of Possible Endings was published in NZ and Australia at least  I think it’s out in Australia on the same date). I’ve been edgy – excited – happy and nervous – and I’ve decided it’s kind’a like sending your child to school for the first time. It’s what you’ve been heading for since the child was born. Your child has to go. He or she has to start making their own way in the world. But you are anxious for them. All you can do it cross your fingers, close your eyes tight and hope for the best.

It made me think of my own first day at school, Kelburn Normal Primary, Wellington. I remember my mum had put a hard-boiled egg in my lunch-box. I peeled it and dropped the pieces of shell on the ground. I’m sure I wouldn’t have been allowed to drop stuff on the ground at home. Anyway two older girls told me rather bossily that wasn’t the right thing to do, and I must put the rubbish into the bin. Did I pick it up? I’ve no idea but I remember being a bit annoyed that nobody had told me the rules earlier. Possibly I just walked away in a five-year old’s huff.

Here’s a link to a page from Around the Bookshops, one of my favourite blogs for children’s books. It contains one of the first reviews. There’s a photo of me rather happier (and older) than during the boiled egg incident.







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