What have I been up to? Plus a writing tip for young authors.

Without even leaving my study, I’ve been up to plenty. In February I finished the editing and final proof-reading of The Volume of Possible Endings, the Third Tale of Fontania. It should be in shops in NZ and Australia in a few weeks, the UK and US early next year. Here are two links:  
The Volume of Possible Endings (Gecko Press)

 Random House the distributor


And since October last year I’ve also been writing the Fourth Tale of Fontania. It’s another stand-alone book though it does wrap up some things that have been lurking in the margins of the first three.  

I wanted to complete it by this week. About three months ago  I had to tell my lovely family and friends, ‘No phone calls. No coffees. No hanging out till I have done the job and that means weekdays and weekends.’  Some of them screamed, bless them. But they all  understand how important it is for someone to focus hard on what they’re doing.

So, my nose has been over my keyboard. There I’ve had wild adventures, being attacked by monsters and discovering villains, all in the company of three of the toughest children I’ve ever met in the world of Fontania.

Okay, here is the writing tip.  If you’re writing  a scene and you suspect it’s a bit boring, ask yourself how the main character feels at the start of the piece, and make sure he or she is in a different frame of mind at the end. Try to make a character move from one mood to something better, or something worse. Those changes in emotion help to give a story pace.

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