Barbara says:
“Thank you everyone who has sent messages, phone calls and flowers for the Award. I’m so pleased The Travelling Restaurant has been honoured like this. I didn’t have a chance to give a speech on the night and anyway, I would have been inarticulate. This is what I would have/should have said…

First, thanks to Abe Baillie who let me know that the idea of a restaurant with special coaxing for children was a good idea. Second, thanks to Barbara Murison and Emma Neale who read a draft of TTR and gave wonderfully useful feeback and encouragement. An ocean liner full of thanks for Chris Else who read several drafts and was tough, tough, tough and always encouraging. Then a huge thanks to Gecko Press – Julia Marshall and Jane Arthur especially. Julia’s pleasure at the manuscript landing on her desk (before I knew it had even been sent, actually) was amazing. I was so happy that she asked the incomparable Jane Parkin to do the editing. Then Jane Arthur’s meticulous attention to every detail of the production was a writer’s dream come true. One of Gecko’s cleverest moves was choosing Luke Kelly for the design and Sam Broad for the artwork. Sam and Luke, with the map and cover, added a significant layer to the story.

All these words of mine here seem inadequate. So thank, you team. You’re beautiful.

And a final thank you to New Zealand Post for sponsoring the awards.”